’90 Day Fiancé’s Kobe and Emily’s Marriage Won’t Survive (2024)

The Big Picture

  • Kobe Blaise didn't clarify cultural expectations for Emily, leading to misunderstandings.
  • Kobe failed to set boundaries with friends and family.
  • Emily's strong personality clashed with Kobe's culture, causing strain in their marriage.

Another 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? couple, Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly, are struggling with cultural differences, but the American reality TV star may not be the problem this time around. Emily, a 29-year-old from Salina, Kansas, crossed paths with Kobe, a 34-year-old from Cameroon, while traveling overseas. According to Emily, Kobe was just her type and liked to joke that, of course, she would meet the “only black guy in China.” The couple hit it off right away and, in less than a month, they were engaged and expecting their first child together. Due to COVID-19, their first son, Koban, was almost a year old before the couple saw each other again. The couple's debut on the franchise showcased Kobe's early days in America and the strain of their premarital relationship.

Emily's powerful personality is uncommon in Cameroon. The current TLC stars also have alpha-type personalities, which prompts them both to be stubborn when they want something. As a result, they often bickered, which usually led to one storming away. Nonetheless, the couple still got married and announced their second child by the end of the season. This time around, on Happily Ever After?, the duo is in Cameroon. They introduced their kids to Kobe’s friends and family and planned to have a traditional Cameroon wedding. However, Kobe’s closest friends were less than enthusiastic about his decision to marry a “bossy” American woman. According to them, Emily was never the ideal wife for Kobe and everything she did was deemed wrong. Even though Emily is undeniably audacious, Kobe's shortcomings raise suspicions that he might be responsible for the demise of his wife and those dear to him.

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Kobe Blaise Didn't Clarify His Cultural Expectations

’90 Day Fiancé’s Kobe and Emily’s Marriage Won’t Survive (2)

The biggest challenge for Emily and Kobe was their different cultures. Kobe hails from Cameroon, where women more often take a submissive and traditional role. According to the 90 Day Fiancé star, Cameroonian wives don't "talk back" and aren't "bossy." They also don't question their husband's authority or make a scene in public. Cameroonian wives also respect their husband's duties and friends. All the qualities that American Emily struggles with because her forceful personality and controlling habits clash with Kobe's culture. Despite Kobe's tolerance, and maybe even enjoyment, of Emily's distinctive personality, his family wasn't very supportive. They constantly nitpicked at her actions or behaviors and refused to be more understanding of their relationship. However, Kobe didn't explicitly describe how a Cameroonian wife would best act in his home country, thus leaving his Happily Ever After? co-star in a position to fail.


These shows tend to focus on the romantic aspect and often neglect the human one.

After clashing with Kobe’s friends at the handball game, Emily wanted to make a better impression. Since they didn't have a home in Cameroon, she invited them to a club so they could have a good time together. Unfortunately, her attempt to smooth over her previous impressions failed. Kobe’s friends were unimpressed, as they claimed a typical Cameroonian wife would've offered them a home-cooked meal instead of taking them out to a club. While Kobe's friends may have a valid point, he never explicitly clarified that belief to Emily. If that were true, Kobe should've told Emily that her plan for the club would've backfired and weakened their connection. By explaining his culture and their expectations more, Emily could have made plans that would've been more suitable for the culture instead of worsening her impressions.

Kobe Blaise Doesn't Defend Emily Bieberly

’90 Day Fiancé’s Kobe and Emily’s Marriage Won’t Survive (4)

Since arriving in Cameroon, Kobe let his friends share their opinions, but he has a tough time sticking up for his American wife. Before even meeting Emily, Kobe’s friends disliked her, simply because she was American and took him away from his country. They hoped Kobe would find a more suitable Cameroonian wife, but the odds of their relationship ending seemed minuscule, with two kids under 3 years old. Despite the positive news of their blossoming family, Kobe's friends refused to accept and welcome Emily to Cameroon. Their unwelcoming attitude didn't stop Emily from trying to form a better connection with her husband's friends, though. No matter what Emily did to smooth over the relationship, Kobe’s friends still disliked her and her American ways. Although Emily’s attempt to be heard didn't improve the situation, Kobe didn’t voice his true opinions with his friends or stick up for his wife, which didn't help either.


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When Kobe first arrived and saw his friends, they were quick to share their disdain for his marriage with an American “white woman,” especially one who can be “naggy.” To keep the peace, Kobe only said he tried not to “focus on that” and instead concentrated on what would bring their “partnership” to the next level. At the club, his friends heckled Emily for not cooking them a homemade Cameroonian meal and taking them to a club instead. While they may have had a valid point that a traditional Cameroonian wife wouldn't take men to a club, Emily didn't have a home or the experience to cook an authentic meal. He attempted to explain this and even said if they visited their American home, the scenario would be different. However, Kobe’s friends refused to listen to Emily's reasoning and spoke over her. If Kobe had stepped in and verified her side of the story, his friends may not have been as harsh when attacking Emily. They also probably would've been more accepting of Kobe’s side of the story, since it would be coming from a “king.”

Kobe Blaise Failed to Set Boundaries With His Friends and Family

’90 Day Fiancé’s Kobe and Emily’s Marriage Won’t Survive (6)

Setting boundaries can be a difficult task, especially with family and friends. Yet, establishing boundaries in relationships is crucial for maintaining a healthy dynamic. Nevertheless, Kobe had trouble establishing and asserting boundaries among his friends. To an extent, Kobe’s hesitancy is understandable. They've been friends for many years. He knew his friends before he met Emily in China, and they have many memories together, including playing his favorite pastime together: handball.

However, Kobe is now married to Emily and they have two kids together. While his friendships are still important, his family, their happiness, and well-being are most important. Despite this, Kobe doesn't establish any boundaries until after their argument at the club, when Emily points out that his disapproving friends shouldn't be welcome at the wedding. It wasn't until it was clear that Emily and Kobe's friends wouldn't get along that he uninvited them and established boundaries. While it's commendable that Kobe eventually set boundaries, he should have stood up for his wife much sooner. Those boundaries should've been placed far earlier on, probably before his friends even met Emily. If those boundaries had been established and Kobe made it known that his wife was there to stay, his friends might have been more receptive to their relationship.

There’s no doubt that Emily can be “naggy” and “bossy.” She often admits to the qualities in her confessionals. However, her antics often come from a loving and caring place. When she scolded Kobe at the handball game, it was because she was worried about him playing so soon after his ACL surgery. When she confronted her husband's friends at the game, it was an attempt to rectify their impressions of her. Despite her unconventional approach and less-than-perfect delivery, it is evident that she is a caring woman. If she wasn’t, Kobe wouldn’t have married her or continued to expand their family. Overall, the Cameroonian 90 Day Fiancé star could’ve played a more active role in helping Emily connect with his friends, and she would’ve made a better impression.

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’90 Day Fiancé’s Kobe and Emily’s Marriage Won’t Survive (2024)


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