Hailey Rose Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki. (2024)

Hailey Rose is a famous YouTube star born on September 5, 1989. That makes her 34 years old as of 2024! But don’t let her age fool you; she’s still young and full of energy. Hailey is 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m) tall and weighs 120 lbs (54 kg). That’s about the same weight as 7 giant watermelons! She’s also known for her charming personality and engaging content on her YouTube channel.

Who is Hailey Rose?

Guess what, kiddos? Hailey Rose is a super cool YouTube star! She makes fun and exciting videos that many people love to watch. She loves playing video games and hanging out with her cute pets when she’s not making fantastic videos.

She’s also very good at making people laugh with her silly jokes and fun stories. Hailey is like a sparkling gem that brings joy and laughter to everyone watching her videos!


Hailey Rose
Date of Birth
September 5, 1989
34 Years old as of 2023
Zodiac Sign

Early Life and Education

Little readers, did you know that when Hailey Rose was your age, she was just like you? She grew up with a big dream in her heart and a big smile. Hailey always loved school, especially when she could learn about cool things like dinosaurs and spaceships! She loved to draw, read books, and play video games in her free time. She worked hard in school, and during that time, her love for making people smile and laugh grew. This is where the magic began!

Parents and Siblings

Little readers, Hailey Rose, comes from a lovely family! Her mom and dad are her biggest fans. They always encouraged her dreams and helped her become the superstar she is today. Hailey also has a fun-loving brother with whom she loves playing video games. Isn’t it wonderful when your family supports your dreams? Just like Hailey’s family, your family is there for you too!

Hailey Rose Husband and Boyfriend

Does Hailey Rose have a special someone? Well, kiddos, Hailey keeps that part of her life private for now. But we know she shares lots of love with her family and adoring fans. Like some things in your life are unique and personal, so are some things in Hailey’s life. And that’s okay! Remember, everyone deserves their little secret garden.

Hailey Rose Children

Curious about whether Hailey Rose has any little ones of her own? Well, for now, kiddos, Hailey hasn’t shared any news about having children. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love kids, though! She adores her young fans and even makes videos that are super fun for children to watch.

She’s an excellent virtual babysitter who makes you laugh with her exciting content. Hailey’s life is mostly about creating impressive videos, playing games, and hanging out with her adorable pets. Just remember, kiddos, everyone has their timeline in life, and for now, Hailey’s journey is about bringing fun and laughter into our lives!

Hailey Rose Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Guess what, kiddos? Hailey Rose is a beautiful 34-year-old! She is as tall as a baby giraffe, standing 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m). Can you imagine that’s about as tall as 3 and a half bowling pins stacked on each other? Hailey weighs almost the same as 7 giant watermelons, or 120 lbs (54 kg). Her physical apperance is 32DD-26-34. She’s got beautiful brown hair and lovely green eyes. Hailey is a ray of sunshine with her big smile, and charming personality shines through in her videos.

Hailey Rose Before Fame

Are you curious about what Hailey Rose did before she became a famous YouTube star, kiddos? Before she was known for her fun and silly videos, Hailey was just a regular girl who loved school. She loved learning about exciting things like dinosaurs and spaceships! She enjoyed drawing, reading books, and playing video games in her spare time. Can you believe it, kiddos?

Also, Hailey was a lot like you! She always dreamed big and worked hard. Her passion for making others laugh and smile led her to start making her own YouTube videos. And guess what? People loved them! And that’s how our superstar Hailey Rose was born! Remember, kiddos, everyone starts somewhere, and with hard work and passion, you can make your dreams come true, just like Hailey did!

Hailey Rose Career

Listen up, kiddos! Hailey Rose is not just a superstar overnight. Her journey to become a YouTube star was filled with hard work, fun, and lots and lots of creativity! Also, She started her YouTube channel, which is like a magical place where she shares her fun-filled world with all of us. What kind of videos does she make? That’s right! She makes videos where she plays video games, shares funny stories, and even unboxes cool new toys.

And guess what? People all around the world love to watch her videos. Also, That’s how she became such a big star on YouTube! Hailey always reminds us that you can achieve your dreams if you love what you do and work hard, like she did! So next time you watch a Hailey Rose video, remember how hard she puts into making it fun and exciting for all her fans. And one day, you could also have your own YouTube channel!

Hailey Rose Net Worth and Achievement and Awards

Guess what, kiddos? Hailey Rose has been super successful on YouTube! She’s won awards for her amazing videos. Did you know that she also makes money from her videos? That’s right! Also, Her net worth is estimated to $5million. But we do know she’s done well for herself. Remember, her most significant award is making us smile and laugh. And that, little readers, is the most outstanding achievement of all!

Hailey Rose Legacy and Impact

Kiddos, did you know Hailey Rose’s fun videos have made a massive splash in the world of YouTube? That’s right! Also, Her unique style and cheerful personality have inspired many people to be creative and share their stories. It’s like a ripple effect, starting with Hailey and spreading joy and laughter worldwide.

So, even though she’s still young, Hailey’s already leaving a big, beautiful mark on the planet. Just like a superhero, she uses her powers (making fun videos) to make the world a happier place! Isn’t that cool?

Hailey Rose Future Plains

Kiddos, have you ever wondered about Hailey Rose’s plans? Well, she wants to continue making fun videos for her YouTube channel. She also hopes to play more video games, unboxing cool toys, and laugh even more. And guess what? She may even want to start writing her children’s books one day! Can you imagine that? Like her videos, Hailey’s books would be filled with fun stories and silly jokes! Isn’t that exciting?


  • Hailey is a big fan of video games. Whether it’s racing, puzzles, or adventure, she loves them all! Can you imagine all the fun she has while playing?
  • She also adores her pets! She loves to cuddle and play with them. Isn’t it fun having furry friends? Hailey has a creative side, too. She enjoys drawing and painting, making beautiful art for everyone to see!
  • Do you love reading books? So does Hailey! She loves to curl up with a good book, diving into amazing stories and magical worlds.
  • And guess what? Hailey also loves to cook! She loves to whip up tasty treats in the kitchen. She may share some recipes on her channel one day!
  • Last but not least, Hailey loves exploring nature. Going on hikes, enjoying the outdoors, and spotting fantastic animals is exciting! Just like Hailey, you can also have fun with your hobbies. Whether playing games, reading books, or exploring nature, remember to enjoy every moment, kiddos!

Interesting Facts About Hailey Rose

  • Did you know Hailey Rose loves collecting excellent action figures from her favorite video games and movies? She has a whole shelf filled with them!
  • Also, Hailey can speak two languages! Besides English, she also knows Spanish. Muy bien, Hailey!
  • Guess what, kiddos? Hailey loves to dance! Whenever she hears music, she can’t help but groove to the beat! – Hailey is a big fan of superheroes. Her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. How cool is that?
  • Hailey loves ice cream, especially chocolate chip cookie dough flavor. Yummy!
  • Also, Hailey is a night owl. That means she loves staying up late. Maybe that’s when she gets her best ideas for her videos!
  • Hailey’s favorite color is purple. She says it’s a magical and happy color.
  • Also, Hailey loves dinosaurs. She thinks they’re super cool and exciting! Remember, kiddos, just like Hailey, you are all unique and special in your way!


How old is Hailey Rose?

Hailey Rose is 34 years old as of 2024!

What does Hailey Rose do?

Hailey is a super cool YouTube star who makes fun videos.

How tall is Hailey Rose?

She stands 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m) tall. That’s about as tall as 3 and a half bowling pins!

How much does Hailey Rose weigh?

Hailey weighs about 120 lbs (54 kg). That’s the same weight as 7 giant watermelons!

What are Hailey Rose’s hobbies?

She loves playing video games, hanging out with her pets, drawing, reading, cooking, and exploring nature.

Does Hailey Rose have any pets?

Yes, she has adorable pets that she loves to cuddle and play with!

What languages can Hailey Rose speak?

Besides English, Hailey also knows Spanish.

Who is Hailey Rose’s favorite superhero?

Her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman.

What is Hailey Rose’s favorite color?

Hailey’s favorite color is purple. She says it’s a magical and happy color.

What is Hailey Rose’s favorite ice cream flavor?

Hailey loves chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Yum! And that’s a wrap on the FAQs, kiddos!


Hailey Rose, our superstar YouTube friend! She’s a perfect example of how passion, hard work, and a love for making others smile can lead to big dreams coming true. Also, And remember, kiddos, just like Hailey, you too can bring joy to the world in your unique way! So keep dreaming big, stay curious, and, most of all, have fun. After all, as our friend Hailey shows us, life is a fantastic adventure filled with endless possibilities. Isn’t that just super exciting?

Hailey Rose Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki. (2024)
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