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For today's business leaders, experience is top of mind. Providing accurate, timely payroll processing and empowering employees with the tools to manage their own data is becoming a must-have for HR software. With isolved Payroll, complete payroll processing in a few clicks and reduce the burden of keeping up with tax rates, calculating liabilities, accessing reports and making payments. Invest in a tool that prioritizes the employee experience and enables self-service for changes to direct deposit, personal information, tax filing and more.

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Solution Video

View a short video of isolved Payroll or request a full demo for more details.

Key Solution Features

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Create a positive experience through employee self-service access to personal data, pay stubs, W-2 forms, paid time off balances and diverse payment options, including direct deposit, pay card and on-demand pay.

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Create and view in-depth reports of your budget, taxes, workers’ compensation and other data to learn how to save on cost and time.

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Catch potential errors before processing payroll to eliminate redundancies and avoid costly errors and penalties.

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Automate adjustments for garnishments, benefit elections, workers’ compensation, bonuses, 401(k) plans and corporate giving programs.

isolved Perfect Payroll™

Help your administrators resolve issues before they’re processed—yielding improved accuracy, compliance and time savings.

Key Industries

Financial Services From big banks to local credit unions, isolved makes it easy to simplify taxation, export your general ledger, manage salaries and complete benefits enrollment—all while reducing manual and paper processes.
Manufacturing From shop floor to office desk, today’s manufacturing leaders need self-service and streamlined HR tools to drive productivity, maximize sales and uncover insights into the workforce of the future.
Hospitality Track attendance and hours worked, manage team schedules and ensure compliance across your ever-evolving workforce—all while ensuring that your employees are highly engaged and motivated.

Case Study

Maschio's Food Services

Solving payroll errors is crucial for all organizations, which is why Maschio’s came back to isolved after experiencing payroll headaches with a different provider.

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Payroll FAQs

What does payroll software do? 

Payroll software automates complex and manual payroll processes, offering one place for employers to manage employment tax rates, calculate liabilities, generate reports and make payments. Payroll software providers also support meeting regulatory compliance requirements and tax filing needs.

With payroll software, employees use self-service functionality for accessing their pay and tax-related information, such as pay stubs, W-2 tax forms and paid time off balances.

Why is online payroll software essential for every business?

Online HR payroll systems simplify processing by eliminating disparate systems to provide easy access to all pay-related information in one place. An easy-to-use solution can ensure accuracy and automation while boosting employee experience through self-service access to personal data and compensation information.

Why choose isolved for payroll software?

With isolved, you gain access to a complete solution designed for managing all your payroll needs—from automated tax filing and compliance to employee self-service and more. We act as your most trusted partner, combining the highest levels of vendor satisfaction and user experience to deliver unmatched support and service you can confidently rely on.

What size organization is best suited for isolved’s payroll software?  

While organizations of all sizes utilize payroll solutions, isolved's software is specifically tailored for small businesses and mid-sized businesses. Whether you are aiming to streamline administrative tasks and save time with automated processes or seeking valuable operational insights through integrated reports, isolved Payroll is designed to support your business at every stage of its journey.

Can I run payroll without the use of software?

Yes, you can run payroll without using software. However, if unfamiliar with best practices, relying on manual processing can make it challenging to remain compliant and increases the likelihood of costly errors and penalties. To prevent this, many businesses opt to work with payroll service providers, whose strategic guidance makes the process simple, efficient and stress-free.

How much does payroll software cost?

The costs of payroll software can differ significantly depending on your business needs. When selecting a service provider, evaluating the software features and level of support offered with their solution is crucial.

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Helping Small & Mid-Sized Companies Achieve Success

Small and mid-sized businesses have unique HR challenges that often require personalized plans of action. And isolved is uniquely positioned to do just that. To assist you, we've highlighted a collection of content tailored for smaller organizations and testimonials from real isolved customers, just like you. Discover best-fit solutions for your team and start creating HR experiences that matter.

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isolved HR & Payroll Solutions

Say goodbye to disparate systems and clunky integrations and hello to making informed decisions. isolved HR & Payroll enables you to add more value with less redundancy, fewer errors, decreased risk, and deeper analytics. By accessing, sharing, and analyzing data within isolved People Cloud, turn your HR function into a strategic business driver.

Payroll Processing Software | Payroll Platform | isolved People Cloud (2024)
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