Ultimate Guide to Fishing on the Outer Banks | Shoreline OBX (2024)

Those who are passionate about angling are always on the hunt for new places to cast a line. That said, when it comes to versatile destinations for making the most of time on the water and expecting big bites in return, there’s no place on the map quite like the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This locale is loved amongst sport anglers from near and far for not only the variety of fishing opportunities available but the collection of incredible locations, variations of species, and access to year-round fun!

Whether you’re one for pier fishing, offshore adventures, inshore excursions, or head boat fishing options, the Outer Banks is a pristine place to enjoy that’s brimming over with options to choose from. Those who are planning on exclusively taking part in the charter boat or pier fishing won’t need to worry about an individual fishing license when headed this way as these activities are covered by a blanket license. However, a coastal recreational fishing license is required for all other types of fishing for anglers with the exception of those under the age of 16. It’s important to keep up to date with the current size and creel limits to ensure a smooth, safe, and successful fishing adventure along the Outer Banks from start to finish. Details on these mandatory requirements can always be found through the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries at 800-682-2632, or by visiting the Division of Marine Fisheries online.

Popular Fishing Styles Options in this Area

A trip to the Outer Banks promises to come with ample time on the sand, under the sun and exploring amazing landmark attractions. From lighthouses and wild horse tours to delectable restaurants, sensational shopping, and beyond, the Outer Banks has a little something for everyone. The same goes for those who come this way to make the most of the fishing fun! There is an array of options available to be enjoyed when you’re narrowing down the types of fishing you’re hoping to participate in during your Outer Banks adventure. The following are just a few of the many to consider!

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Give Fly Fishing a Try

When tranquility and stunning scenery both top your list of must-have features on your fishing trip, fly fishing on the Outer Banks promises to please. This is an increasingly popular style of fishing in this area thanks to the bountiful waters and abundance of species that can be caught year-round. That said, many fly fishing enthusiasts like to head here in the spring and fall when the Bluefish, speckled trout, and Red Drum show up in impressive numbers.

Savor Time Sound and Head Boat Fishing

If you prefer to pair boating with your fishing excursions, but don’t want to venture too far from the sound and inlet waters, head boat fishing is a good way to go. This small boat approach to angling can be done independently or alongside a small group. No matter how you decide to take on the day, sound and head boat fishing on the Outer Banks provide access to everything from Cobia and flounder to Spanish Mackerel.

Put Your Pier Fishing Skills to the Test

Altogether, the Outer Banks hosts more than 100 miles of beach for visitors to enjoy as well as an impressive collection of piers between Hatteras and Kill Devil Hills. For anglers, this means prime access to the best of pier and surf fishing imaginable! While the surf and pier season starts in March each year, the height of the fun tends to happen around May. During this timeframe, species that are found in abundance include everything from grouper, sea bass, and snapper to King Mackerel, Wahoo, and Croaker.

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Offshore and Inshore Options for Fun

No matter where your offshore or inshore fishing adventures take you across the Outer Banks, billfish are waiting for you in abundance. The catch and release of hundreds of sailfish, blue marlin, and white marlin alike in these waters every year makes for an amazing adventure for anglers. The peak of the season is around June when the blue marlin arrive in impressive numbers. That said, those with their eye on yellowfin tuna will find this species accessible year-round.

Make the Most of Brackish Fishing on the Outer Banks

Bass season kicks off in the Outer Banks in April each year and anglers can enjoy participating through November. Perch are also a reward of brackish fishing in this area thanks to the confluence of the Roanoke, Croatan, and Pamlico sounds.

Make the Most of Chartered Experiences While You’re Here

Casting a line independently across the Outer Banks is always a delight, but there are also a large variety of chartered fishing experiences to enjoy while you’re in town. These chartered fishing experiences can be great for new learners or those who could use a refresher before hitting the waters solo another day. An added benefit of booking this type of experience is that many can be customized as half-day or full-day excursions. Often, all the gear you’ll need is included in the price of booking, making for a super convenient and time-saving experience on the water!

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Ultimate Guide to Fishing on the Outer Banks | Shoreline OBX (2024)
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