UltiPro | Human Capital Management for Your Global Workforce (2024)

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Operating with a commitment to always put people first, Ultimate Software’s award-winning UltiPro® delivers HR, payroll, talent, and time and labor management cloud solutions that seamlessly connect people with the information and tools they need to work smarter.

• Build engaging employee experiences
• Increase efficiency and improve productivity
• Gain insight into your global workforce with robust analytics
• Configure the solution to meet the unique needs of your business

With all your people data seamlessly connected, you have an accurate and more comprehensive view of your organization.

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Ultimate’s UltiPro talent management solutions help engage your people with ongoing performance management, support for employees’ career development, and the right technology to build your talent pipeline.

• Identify retention risks and high performers
• Leverage a library of helpful coaching tools to engage your workforce
• Enable employees to take a direct hand in their career advancement
• Set clear expectations and provide real-time feedback
• Create flexible and comprehensive succession plans


When it comes to payroll, employees want their paychecks to be accurate and on time, while HR and payroll professionals need a simple, yet comprehensive solution.

Ultimate Software’s UltiPro delivers payroll software that’s designed to help organizations shape the way their people are compensated with the most flexible, functional payroll engine on the market. It’s powerful enough for the most complex pay calculations, flexible enough to fit any business, and simple enough to make managing and understanding payroll easy.

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In order to transform your workforce, you not only need leading HCM technology, but also the people and services behind it. Although service is often an under-considered component during the HR technology selection process, it is critical to long-term success. That’s why Ultimate Software treats its customers as Partners for Life. Ultimate offers a range of specialized services to help you grow and transform your organization.

• Free Training for Life
• Dedicated Relationship Manager
• Managed Services
• ACA Employer Services
• Payment and Print Services
• Launch Services


The first step in building a great workplace and culture that engages, retains, and motivates employees is understanding what they care about. UltiPro Perception™ offers a modern way for collecting and understanding employee feedback from surveys, helping businesses enhance the employee experience and improve performance.

Ultimate also delivers a portfolio of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that are as sensitive to emotions as they are to statistics. Understanding, predicting, and prescribing personalized actions from all relevant HCM data within the solution.

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UltiPro simplifies complex HR processes, provides instant access to critical information, and helps improve the employee experience at all levels of the organization.


With the ability to simplify complex calculations and configure payroll models to fit unique business needs, UltiPro enables organizations to pay their people accurately and on time, every time.

Benefits Administration

UltiPro delivers an intuitive benefits enrollment experience in one, central location to help employees make confident, well-informed choices and manage life events, with less reliance on HR.

Global HR

UltiPro helps multinational organizations simplify HR processes, manage people data, meet local compliance, and support their entire global workforce with one, centralized system.


UltiPro’s unique, candidate-centric design engages candidates with familiar technology they want to use, so organizations can build successful, long-term relationships from the first interaction.


UltiPro’s collaborative technologies help new hires connect with their company in a personal way, so organizations can build relationships, increase engagement, and improve time to productivity.

Performance Management

UltiPro’s collaborative, easy-to-use tools and insight into key data and metrics helps organizations better support their people, make more strategic decisions, and realize talent objectives.

Succession Management

Organizations can create flexible, comprehensive, and executable succession plans with UltiPro to develop employee readiness at all levels and prepare for a successful future.


UltiPro offers a modern learning experience and a compelling, person-centric approach to developing employees with access to consumable, on-demand content and social and collaborative tools.

Compensation Management

UltiPro’s intuitive compensation management experience delivers relevant talent data, so organizations can easily navigate through allocating rewards while keeping the focus on their people.

Time and Attendance

UltiPro offers an intuitive experience for multifaceted time, labor, and leave management capabilities; workforce-scheduling options, simple time entry, and more.

Time Management

UltiPro offers a simple, fast, and intuitive solution with the functionality and flexibility needed to help organizations improve productivity and focus on what’s really important—their people.


UltiPro TouchBase® is an easy-to-use touchscreen tablet for time entry, labor-data collection, and access to important HR information, designed to help manage and engage hourly employees.


UltiPro TimeBase™ is an easy-to-use time clock for businesses in need of a straightforward time-capture solution that helps employees engage in their work faster, without distractions.

Employee Surveys and Sentiment Analysis

UltiPro Perception™ offers a modern way for collecting feedback and understanding how people feel about work, helping organizations enhance the employee experience and improve performance.

Business Intelligence

UltiPro empowers organizations to analyze HR, payroll, and talent management data; leverage metrics and real-time reporting; and discover key insights needed to make well-informed decisions.

Predictive Analytics

UltiPro’s predictive and prescriptive analytics help organizations leverage comprehensive HR data to better understand their people and make smarter, unbiased decisions regarding their workforce.

Mobile App

The UltiPro mobile app provides convenient access to critical information and tools, enabling employees to remain productive at work, in the field, and on the go.

Cloud Technology

UltiPro is an industry-leading cloud—software as a service (SaaS)—solution enabling organizations to simplify business processes and leverage product enhancements faster, with less IT reliance.

UltiPro | Human Capital Management for Your Global Workforce (2024)
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