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  • Disney Cruise Line has unveiled the first look at some of the Bahamian-inspired merch that will be available for sale at its newest, one-of-a-kind island ...

  • Disney Cruise Line Fall 2025 to Spring 2026 Cruises. Place a quote request today and recieve up to a $1000 shipboard credit!

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  • Disney Cruise Line Fall 2025 to Spring 2026 Cruises. Place a quote request today and recieve up to a $1000 shipboard credit!

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  • Disney Cruise Line Fall 2025 to Spring 2026 Cruises. Place a quote request today and recieve up to a $1000 shipboard credit!

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Disboards Disney Cruise (2024)


Is a 3 day Disney cruise enough? ›

If you require flexible dining or won't be able to survive without a casino, a short Disney cruise won't be worth your money. If you really want to experience nearly everything on the daily schedule without feeling overwhelmed or skipping ports, we recommend saving up for a weeklong sailing.

Is 3 nights enough for a cruise? ›

If you only have a long weekend to spare, a 3 day cruise could be your perfect match. If you're bringing the whole family, a 5 or 7 day cruise might be the best way to make sure everyone has an awesome getaway.

How to convince your parents to take you on a Disney cruise? ›

Your parents won't be able to resist the thought of your family having a blast together for several days straight. Tell them about some of the things families can do together on a Disney cruise, like watching Broadway-caliber shows, dancing at deck parties and competing in family game shows.

How big is the Disney wish cruise? ›

Design. Disney Wish has a gross tonnage of 144,000 GT, a length of 1,119 ft, and a width of 128 ft. Disney Wish has a capacity of 1,555 crew and 4,000 passengers with 1,254 staterooms.

How much money should I bring on a 3 day cruise? ›

Most guests bring $50-$120 cash per day to spend during the cruise. You will have many opportunities to purchase duty free goods, take exciting shore excursions, buy local souvenirs, play your chance in the casino, or enjoy some pampering in the spa.

How much money should I save for a Disney Cruise? ›

The cost of a Disney cruise can vary dramatically based on your needs and sailing preferences. However, you should expect to spend at least $1,000 on a cruise for two passengers.

How many bathing suits for 3 day cruise? ›

Make sure to bring at least two bathing suits, as it can take a while for them to dry out! While you are allowed to wander around in your bathing suit, clothes and shoes are required when entering the restaurants and casinos, so bring along at least a few bathing suit cover-ups, sundresses, or shorts and tee shirts.

Is there an elegant night on a 3 day cruise? ›

The length of the cruise determines the number of Cruise Elegant evenings in the Dining Room. The first Cruise Elegant evening is scheduled for the 2nd or 3rd day of the cruise; the second Cruise Elegant evening is scheduled for the 2nd or 3rd day prior to the end of the cruise, schedules permitting.

How much do you tip on a 3 night cruise? ›

The average suggestions for cruise tips amount to between $12 and $16 per passenger, per day—which for a standard seven-night cruise comes to between $84 and $112 extra per person, or $336 to $448 extra for a family of four.

Do kids pay full price on a Disney cruise? ›

**NOTE** Teenagers will be Charged adult fares (13-17). Child rates apply to ages 3-12. Children ages 0-2 pay 50% of the child rate. This does not impact access to areas of the ship that are designated as “18 and over” (like the spa, adults-only pool, and the adults-only restaurants (Palo and Remy).

Are Disney cruises worth it without kids? ›

There were a lot of adult activities

As an adult, I felt like I never ran out of things to do. There were adult lounges, bars, trivia nights, disco nights and game shows, too. All of these activities were made for those over the age of 18. For me, I think the most memorable activity was the dating show.

Do adults with no kids go on Disney Cruises? ›

I have been on two cruises without my kids. They may still be a bit salty, but the cruises are magical with just adults in your traveling party.

Which deck to stay on Disney Wish? ›

No matter if it's the best deck on Disney Wish, or any other deck on a ship in the DCL fleet, the best deck to stay on is two decks below any of the restaurants. This is typically decks 8 and 9 on most of the ships.

What's the smallest Disney cruise? ›

Disney's oldest ship, the Magic, first set sail in 1998. The boat measures 984 feet long, and can hold up to 2,713 passengers in 875 staterooms — making it the smallest cruise ship in Disney's current fleet.

Is there a lazy river on the Disney Wish? ›

Awash in "immersive" show scenes, music, lighting and special effects, this fun-filled water experience invites Disney fans to glide up, down, around and off the side of the ship through 760 feet of twisting tubes—providing breathtaking views of the ocean—before splashing down into a lazy river.

How many days do you need on a Disney Cruise? ›

These ports feature sailings to destinations in the U.S., Mexico, Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean. Most voyages last from 3 to 15 days, with the cruise length varying by its destination and itinerary.

Is it worth going to Disney for 3 days? ›

Our standard recommendation for a Walt Disney World trip is four full days, one day in each park. But three days is a good amount, too, and we take pretty frequent three-day visits as well.

Can you take a cruise for 3 days? ›

A three-day cruise could be thought of as spending two nights onboard a ship, counting embarkation day as day one, a sea day or port day as day two and disembarkation day as day three.

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